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New Urbanization Brings New Chance for Rapid Expansion of Hongxing Machinery

New urbanization construction is growing vigorously in Central China, and Zhengzhou, as the provincial capital of the hinterland of the Central Plains, more clearly feels the new changes brought by new-type urbanization. Urbanization construction even brings new chance for rapid expansion of Hongxing Machinery.

National new type of urbanization construction was put forward in early years, and it was like a ragine fire in recent two years. Jan 22, 2014, Xu Lin, Director of the Department of Development Planning of National Development and Reform Commission, pointed out at the macro economy and policy press conference that National New Type of Urbanization Planning has been modified and reported, and this planning defined the construction target, strategic focus and supporting system of new-type urbanization.

National urbanization construction provides sustained motive force for rapid development of mining enterprises and construction machinery industry. In the long run, mining machinery industry is still a laggard industry and urbanization construction will promote the mining equipment in our country to have faster and more mature development. With the smooth implementation of the national policy, the infrastructure in the future will have rapid development in the urbanization tide and mining industry and mining crusher manufacturers will directly benefit from this.

New-type urbanization construction gives the green light to mining machinery industry. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., a leading company devoted to the research, development and manufacture of mining machinery in China, is the largest beneficiary, and it provides new chance for another ten years of development of our company, promotes the fast and steady development of mining industry and shortens the growth cycle of domestic mining industry.

National new-type urbanization construction will need more sand aggregate which will need crushing plant, sand making plant, sand washing equipment, drying machine, vibrating screen, powder grinding plant and cement rotary kiln. Hongxing Machinery will certainly show extraordinary talents in urbanization construction and realizes all-win.

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