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Introduction to Overload Protection Mechanism of Jaw Crusher

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As for the jaw crusher applied in industrial production, its protective mechanisms are various. Traditional primary crushers can be generally divided into single pendulum type and compound pendulum type, most of which adopts toggle plate protection mechanism. In some crushing site, the jaw crushers used for processing steel slag usually use such overload protection mechanism as hydraulic type and safety pin, and trial protective mechanisms such as spring type, friction type and dual-hydraulic cylinder type are also applied. Here the experts of Hongxing Machinery will give a detailed introduction to the overload protection mechanism of jaw crusher.

1. Toggle plate overload protection

Toggle plate overload protection mechanism is a mechanism with the widest application in traditional jaw crushing machine. This overload protection has simple principle, simple structure and simple operation. However, in the actual using process, the overload reaction is not sensitive, and the changing of the toggle plate is time and energy consuming, and it is even more difficult to change in large and medium-sized machine.

2. Hydraulic protection mechanism

Jaw breakers with hydraulic protection mechanism are usually used in crushing site of special materials such as corundum and steel slag. In the cement plant with steel slag as raw materials, the crushing technology basically adopts hydraulic jaw crusher, as raw materials contain many steel foreign matters that cannot be crushed and there will be overload in the crushing process, but using toggle plate cannot ensure the working efficiency of the crusher equipment, and applying hydraulic protection mechanism, plus relevant hydraulic system, will ensure the working continuity. The hydraulic protection mechanism of Hongxing Machinery is mainly composed of working oil cylinder, energy accumulator, oil pump, throttle valve, safety valve, check valve, oil filter and oil tank. The energy accumulator and throttle valve in the system play a key role when there is an overload.

3. Friction protection mechanism

It is not very common for friction protection mechanism being used in jaw crusher. It is mainly divided into several types, including cone friction, friction plate friction, surge and pneumatic control friction.

To sum up, the purpose of the design and use of various protection devices are to adopt some mechanism to control the transmission of power. When the overload rises or disappears, adopt some working methods to mechanically control the operation of the equipment.

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