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Basic Knowledge of sand making machine

Sand making machine also named sand maker is a kind of advanced stone-crushing equipment in home and abroad with high-efficiency, which is designed by adopting the "stone-beating-stone " theory and technology from Barmac Company of America. The Sand making machine is widely used for crushing hard and brickle materials including various minerals, abrasive material, refractory material, cement, quartz, iron ore, etc. Sand maker is especially suitable for making sand for buildings, road building. The HX Sand making machine (sand maker) consists of inlet, material-scattering device, whorl crushing chamber, impeller, main shaft, base, transmission drive, motor, etc.
Working principle of sand making machine
Working process: Materials fall from the upper part of the machine to impeller which rotates at a high speed. Under great centrifugal force, they hit materials scattered around the impeller. After hitting each other at a high speed, there forms a vortex between impeller and shell. Materials hit and abrase each other for several times, finally smaller pieces come out through downside outlet, then go to vibrating screen which controls the size of final product.
Materials are transferred to sand making machinery from hopper, then they fall into two parts by material-scattering device. One part falls to the impeller which rotates at a high speed from material-scattering device. In the impeller, materials rotate at even higher speed, and their acceleration is as big as hundreds of acceleration of gravity, then they are thrown out through three passages of impeller at a speed of 60-70 meters/second. They firstly hit part of materials falling from material-scattering device, then strike with materials inside the cavity, and rebounded by underlayer to top of cavity, thus its direction of motion changes to downward, then materials fall from the impeller passage form a continuous fall. Then one piece of stone will be hit, abrased for twice or more times in the crushing cavity. The closed circuit forms, usually materials can be crushed to smaller than 20 mesh after three times in the circulation. The crushed materials will be discharged from outlet. They hit each other but will not hit metal parts of equipment directly because of material underlayer, thus the pollution is less, and service lifetime of equipment is prolonged. The cute air current self circulation in the cavity removes the powder pollution.
Features of sand making machine in our company
1、High capacity, high productivity--50-500t/h, the output is 30% higher than the traditional sand maker under the same power.
2、Low consumption of wearable parts--- best design of crushing chamber impact angle, little friction with the wearable parts, 30% lower running cost compared with traditional equipments, and reduced the use cost directly.
3、Excellent shape of final products--- cubic products shape, good granule, reasonable grading, adjustable fineness modulus, especially suitable for artificial sand make and stone reshaping. The practice has showed that the effect of this series sand maker can improve 30% output in the process of sand making and stone reshaping than the traditional equipment.
4、Easy installation and maintenance --- light weight, various installation ways, movable installation; The installation, repair and maintenance are easy, the operation is convenient. Once it is used for specific application, VSI sand maker only need to be adjusted very little, then its can reach the maximum performance.
5、The sand maker can serve as several purposes, and applied flexible---- the special feeding crush structure, which with many crush chambers, and easy to realize the transform of “stone hit stone”, “stone hit iron”, solved the problem of one machine serves as several purposes. If you want to change the application of VSI sand maker, you needn’t to make much adjustment, and then this machine will meet your demands.

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