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How to avoid the damage of the crusher

Damage of the crusher, not only influence the output, still can cause mechanical damage. In the course of using crusher often need to turn around the hammer crusher in the outside, which should be taken carefully, or the rotor will be unbalanced and the noise can be heard.

Only the two groups of hammer crusher weight equilibrium can cast the biggest efficiency, and won't attack noise. There is no absolute balance, generally speaking, the error is not beyond 5 grams, or you should be careful and change one of them to make the two equal. To finish the task of crusher needs the expansion of the high strength, which easily causes the loose of the screw cap, that is to say, all of the machine will be shocked with the expansion of the high strength. So, the screws should be tightened. Of course, the task can be finished in the common examination of machine. 

Each crusher has its own life, when the principle axis is used for too long time, it will be out of shape because of the attrition, and the noise will be caused. So, changing the principle axis of the crusher is very necessary. Besides, before the starting, carefully checking the bearing whether it lubricates very well, carefully examining all fasteners whether completely tightened. 

Check carefully transmission belt is good or not. If the damaged phenomenon is found, it should be changed in time. 

The crusher is allowed only in no load of starting, with the bell or signals for warning.  After starting, such as the discovery of abnormal phenomenon, immediately stop working and find out the reason. 

Feed the crusher after its normal operation: the material should be put in evenly to the cavity.do not add material in the lateral aspect, so as not to overload the machine. 

Under the normal working circumstances, bearing temperature should not be more than 30 degrees, the highest temperature should not be more than 70 degrees. Only often lubrication work can ensure the normal operation of the machine and to extend the life of the equipment. The bearing grease for the volume of the space covers around 50%, changing for every 3 ~ 6 months.


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