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Do You Know how to Dispose the Tailings?

In large ore beneficiation plant, uncontrolled discharge of tailings will generate hazardous substance, thus seriously pollute surrounding water and air or even affecting normal production of ore beneficiation plant. In order to solve this environmental problem caused by uncontrolled discharge of tailings, ore beneficiation plant has invested a lot of manpower and material resources. Discharge of tailings is not only the environmental problem, but the resource utilization problem. As the ore beneficiation plant puts forward higher and higher requirements on environmental protection, how to dispose tailings is the biggest problem faced by ore dressing enterprises.

Tailings contain a lot of useful ingredients that cannot be separated because of the limitation of ore dressing technology and mechanical equipment conditions. Some precious metals and rare metals cannot be recycled, however, progress of modern ore dressing technology and launch of high-tech ore beneficiation equipment can regrind and re-separate the tailings, thus realizing separation of tailings by utilizing highly efficient ore beneficiation equipment and improving economic benefits of ore beneficiation.

Currently, the processing methods of tailings are as follows:

1. General method of tailings is to act as filing materials of goaf of underground mining, namely the water and sand filing material or cemented filing material.

2. Some enterprises also directly grow crops or plant trees on the tailings dump.

3. The most economic processing method of tailings is to process tailings into raw material of building material or making sand.

1). Tailing sand can replace part of mechanism sand to produce concrete, pavement materials and so on.

2). The processed tailing sand can be reused as the raw materials of cement, tile, aerated concrete, glass, ceramsite, refractory material and so on.

The new type of highly efficient ore beneficiation equipment such as energy-saving ball mill and magnetic separator can separate the mineral resources which are hard to separate in tailings, which have paled a positive role in recycling of tailings. According to different metal tailings such as sulfuric acid slag tailings, iron ore tailings, gold mine tailings and so on, the separation methods are also different. The main equipment used in tailings disposal is ball mill. The large-size ball mill can grind the separated tailings into about 200 mesh, then the ground tailing will enter classifier, flotation machine, agitation vat or dry magnetic separator.

Nowadays, many ore beneficiation plants adopt advanced technology to comprehensively recycle useful components of tailings, thus further reducing the amount of tailings. Comprehensive utilization of tailings can not only eliminate potential safety hazards of tailing pond and improve utilization rate of resource, thus reducing land occupation and protecting ecological environment, which is of great importance for promoting continuous and sound development of national economy and building a resource-conserving and environmentally friendly society.

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