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How Does the Crusher Deal With Construction Waste?

The derelict of the construction industry is also called the construction waste, which can be a precious resource if recycled. But the wastes in our countries are not accumulated together, Hongxing Machinery suggest you adopt the mobile crushing equipment in order to reduce the repeated purchasing of machines and save the composite cost on the equipment. The crushing equipment produced by Hongxing Machinery has been widely used in the mining, cement and sand making industry. It is suitable for all kinds of rocks below 350mpa in pressure, like the iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, basalt, granite, limestone, sandstone and pebbles etc. The mobile crushing equipment achieves the combination of all kinds of crushing and screening equipment designed according to the main process of sand making.

It has a function of integrated mobile operation and chooses the site flexibly through the on-board system or crawler drive system to deal with the waste in time, reduce the transportation and production cost and improves the productivity considerably.

The construction waste is a recyclable resources and should keep "reduction, reuse and recycling" as the processing principle. In order to have a better and more convenient treatment to the construction waste, Hongxing Machinery produced the mobile crushing equipment before other manufacturers based on the years' research and development of crushing machine, sand making production line and stone production line. The waste after coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing can be produced into gravel aggregate with a certain granularity and applied in many industries like road basis stone, baking-free brick and cement admixtures.

Hongxing Machinery is developing rapidly from the foundation, the products are also perfecting. We ensure the customers with qualified products, advanced technique and equipment and critical examination. At the same time our company can provide users with project design, process flow and standard and non-standard product design and production. Welcome your visiting or call.

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