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Applications of sand maker in manufactured sand

With the quick pace of basic economic construction, the supply of natural sand hasn't yet met the need the need of construction. The birth of artificial sand making equipments effectively alleviates this problem. After years of market development, the more mature sand making equipments has impact crusher, PCL sand maker, and other.

China sand making equipments has already moved to everywhere of all over the world, exported to Russia, Libya, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Africa, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Australia, Korea, Canada and other countries and regions, and has won the wide acclaim and trust of domestic and foreign users.

In today’s volatile economy, the demand gap of manufactured sand and natural sand is very big. Our country’s research and development of sand making equipments is obviously lagged to other countries in this industry. Although many companies also have ten years, twenty years or even further enterprise development planning and the grand prospect, this kind of planning is not matched with the enterprise present situation and its development space. Most of them just stay in theory, and is difficult to really implementation.

Impact crusher represents the best level of China manufactured sand, and its successful development has effectively solved the shortage of natural sand. Impact crusher is the machine which breaks materials using the impact energy. The rotor rotates of our impact crusher with a high speed driven by power motor when the machine is working. When the materials get into hammer effect area, they are impacting to break with the hammer on the rotor and then threw to the impacting position to take another crushing. After that they spring back to hammer impacting area from impact wrist plate to take crushing again. This procedure repeats itself. The materials get into 1,2,3 impact cavity from big to small to take repeated crushing. When the material is crushed to the required size, it's discharged from the outlet.  The material's discharging size and shape can be changed through adjusting the gap between impact frame and rotator.

Now most of concrete and cement processing are used manufactured as the main raw materials. The sand making machine has been widely used in this field after several years’ development. What's more national policies advocate using dry mortar cement instead of cement mixing. Bulk cement becomes the first choice of construction industry. The sand maker becomes the essential production equipment whether in the dry mortar or in ready-mixed concrete production. With the cement prices rising, this situation will last forever.

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