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The Working Principles and Advantages of Vibrating Feeder

Vibrating feeder achieves even feeding by taking advantage of vibration technology to make the bearing carrier produce directional vibration pushing the material forward. It mainly consists of three parts: vibration generator, bearing tub and elastic system.

Vibrating Feeder

Working Principles:

The vibration generator produces periodically changing exciting force, which makes the bearing tub supported by the elastic system produce a steady directional rotation, finally achieving the material evenly moving forward. The vibration generator is composed of two shafts with a pair of herringbone gears of the same teeth and four eccentric blocks mounted on the two shafts. The two shafts rotate conversely at the same speed. The four eccentric blocks on the shafts are of equal mass and eccentricity. The exciting forces produced by the eccentric blocks superpose together in the Y direction , while in the X direction they offset each other. Thus at last the vibration generator forms a periodically changing exciting force straightly along the Y direction so as to push the material on the bearing tub forward, under the effect of exciting force.

Vibrating feeder is an important device system in sintering process, and it has the following advantages compared with the chain conveyor:

(1) Vibration feeder conveys agglomerates more evenly and stably, reducing the impact on the gear and conducive to crushing the agglomerates;

(2) The simple structure and convenient maintenance, without so much traction units and lubrication points;

(3) Achieving custody transfer, improving the operating environment and conducive to dust recycling.

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