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Why Participate in Canton Fair Exhibition?

On the early stage of Canton Fair, the participant purchasers mostly come from HongKong, Macao and Southeast Asia. On the first Canton Fair, there are 1223 purchasers attending, coming from 19 states and regions. With the continuous development of the reform and opening up and national economy of China, the Canton Fair also gets an opportunity to develop and grow up, with the increase of purchasers and the expansion of sources. In recent years, on each session of Canton Fair, there are nearly 200,000 buyers coming from more than 210 countries and regions for purchasing. There have been more than 1000 large scaled international chain enterprises and purchasing groups having been to the Canton Fair for purchasing. Among the world top 250 enterprises in retailing, more than 150 of them often send staff to the Canton Fair for procurement. The Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Home Depot, Metro, Tesco, Kroger and other world famous transnational retail enterprises have become frequent visitors of Canton Fair.

Advantage Service:

1. Enterprises that conform to the Canton fair exhibition qualification standard can fill in application to the handelsdelegations and organizations for exhibition in their administrative division or system through the Canton Fair Easy Exhibitor within the prescribed time limit.

2. The product design and trade promotion center in the Canton Fair.

Promote and optimize the commodity structure by introducing international famous design agencies and designers and butting joint with Chinese manufacturers, to make it more close to the international fashion trend and highly accepted by the market.

3. The multinational purchase services.

Provide a negotiation site for large scaled multinational retail chain enterprises, and related services such as appointment matching with suppliers, online publicity, procurement presentation holding and so on.

4. Trade matching activities.

Further play the accelerating role of Canton Fair trade platform, assist the international famous purchasing enterprises to match with the overseas industrial and commercial organizations, and provide valuable opportunity for the two parties of supply and purchase to negotiate face to face.

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