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Introduction and market prospect of 5X Series Sand Maker

Since the reform an opening up, the growth speed of national economic construction is very fast. The corresponding development of sand used as concrete aggregate, and stone used in traffic and railway construction is also growing rapidly. After years of exploitation, the natural sand is dwindling, in some area the nature sand has been depleted or nearly depleted. In order to protect the environment and maintaining ecological balance, the local government has strictly prohibited mining natural sand. Therefore, the quantity and quality of natural sand is far failed to meet the future needs of national infrastructure and other construction. The birth of artificial sand making equipments effectively alleviates this problem.

The sand made by 5X series sand making machine can meet to the needs of all concrete (including high performance and high strength concrete). The application of manufactured sand is very broad in the foreign. In Hong Kong which is critical shortage of natural sand, the high-rise buildings, bridges and submarine tunnel are all use the manufactured sand as the concrete aggregate ( including C50 and above 100C concrete aggregate). A variety of data after detection had proved that the gradation and fineness of manufactured sand is fairly stable, and the quality is far more than the natural sand. 

5X series sand making machine is commonly referred to sand making machine, it is the latest high-energy and low-consumption sand making machine developed on basis of many years ore equipments manufacturing and absorbing principles of the Bamako vertical impact crusher, features low operating costs and reliable structure. P series VSI crusher plays an important role in artificial sand making and mineral crushing. P series VSI crusher is a high-efficient sand crushing and sand making machine, which has become the major equipment in sand making industry instead of hammer crusher, roll crusher and others. VSI5X type is widely used in various metallic and nonmetallic ores, cement, cohort, abrasive material, glass, construction material, machine-made sand, metallurgy, etc. It is also applicable to crush various stones with different hardness in medium and fine crushing area, such as iron ore, non ferrous metal, bauxite, quartz sand, basalt, etc.

It is widely used in fine crushing of various ore, especially suitable for making abrasive filler, quartz sand, emery, fire resistant materials, cement, copper ore, furnace slag, river gravel, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate and other hard materials to be implemented fine crushing and medium fine crushing. The market demand of artificial is more and more big. In respond, the huge market demand also contributes to the rapid development of the sand making industry. China sand making industry will meet a rapid developing spring. 

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