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The 12th Five-Year Plan on cement industry

Reports on November 25 that the 12th Five-Year Plan on the cement industry has issued in formal recently. "Plan" proposes promoting industry mergers restructuring, The 12th Five-Year Plan directs the productivity of 250 million tons; Strive to 2015, the first 10 cement enterprises' production is above 35%.

According to the information, the planning of the development includes environment, guidelines, basic principles and main goal, and the focus of development, key engineering, safeguard measures and other six parts, aiming to guide The 12th Five-Year Plan cement industry accelerate transformation of the way of development to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, backward and technology progress, improve the quality and efficiency of cement industry development, and promote the transformation and upgrade of cement industry.

Accordingly, the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the national development and reform commission of work are two big ministries which will continue to support the big cement enterprise group, and publish relevant policy arrangement. Specifics include improving industry admittance threshold, strict management, industrial access support a large enterprise group, and regional cement group, etc.

According to the "plan", the cement industry's main goal is by 2015, cement enterprise value added of industry scale above average annual growth of more than 10%; Backward capacity of 250 million tons of cement; The main pollutants reach drainage standard, the collaborative disposal has made outstanding progress, the collaborative disposal line to 10%; Comprehensive utilization of total waste increase about 20%. 42.5 magnitude and above product consumption ratio above 50% to; Top 10 enterprises producing concentration above 35%.

Yuan Kelan, the officer once pointed out, during the "eleventh five-year plan" period, China has basically completed the production capacity of the cement industry layout, new dry method proportion is far beyond the original target, but at the same time it also brought the problem of over capacity, in this case, the country has already issued a series of policies and, to some extent, to limit new production line.

Yuan Kelan said the 12th Five-Year Plan during the cement industry will be more sensible to development; regional integration is doomed to be the next development direction. At present, large enterprise area control ability obviously strengthened, and the regional integration has already begun to take model, but in The 12th Five-Year Plan period, before the cement industry 10 enterprise production accounted for more than 35% of the industry of the task remains extremely difficult.

China has fore-casted the institute of cement," cement demand this year will still be high growth, in the promotion, annual cement production will break 2 billion tons". According to the report, currently the top 10 powerful enterprise shares 25%, which means that the next few years will be involved at least 200 million tons of energy production. It’s a big action and the top 10 powerful enterprise will be the biggest gainer.

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