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How the Ball Mill Works: Ore-dressing

Speaking of ball mill, people who contact with mineral processing equipment all know it, but how it works? Many people don't know the working principles.

Usually, ball mill is a built-in steel ball. The internal lining has wavy manganese steel armor of cylinder. Grinding is in grinding machine of the cylinder body, which equipped with grinding medium. Grinding medium as the rotation of the cylinder body was brought to a certain height, weight and fall because of gravity. Then ore put in the cylinder body will receive the impact from the media; at the same time, because grinding medium in the cylinder body makes revolution and rotation along the axis of cylinder, In grinding medium and the contact area between the cylinder body where produce the ore district of extrusion and grinding strip. Thus, the ore was grounded.

Because the ball mill is steel, so there is friction between the mill ball and the cylinder body. When the cylinder body rotates, the steel ball is rising to a certain height and, because of the gravity ball itself, finally falls along the track. In the area, the steel ball undergoes two forces: one from the cylinder body rotates the tangent; The other from the steel ball diameter symmetrically. The reaction occurs when the steel ball sliding down caused by the weight itself. Therefore, the forces, for any steel ball will produce a couple. And because the ball is squeezing in cylinder and the middle of the ball, so the two forces will make the steel ball between each other various resistances in size, therefore each layer of steel ball will make revolution movement with the axis of cylinder. In the area, since the steel ball falling down, thus it produces in the area of ore in the cylinder body a strong impact crushing effect. Due to the whereabouts of steel ball produce, there will be strong and irregular movements. These include: (1). Strong rolling above the line; (2). Quick moving along the line; (3). Quick moving of the steel ball with the cylinder body below the line; (4). Mutual impacts from each layer of steel ball. Thus it can be seen that, area is place where grinding experiences the most intensive. Here, Most of the raw ore gets grinding.

From the above, it is known that the ore in ball mill is grinded mainly by wallop, grinding force and impact.

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