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New type of high temperature resistant heat coating on the Rotary kiln becomes popular

In building material, metallurgy, chemical industry and environmental protection, productions in many industries are widely used for turning round of solid materials machinery, physical or chemical processing, this kind of equipment is called the rotary kiln. Rotary kiln generally falls into the cylinder body lie place, which can be turned movable are called the rotary kiln; Another type of kiln cylinder which is made not for rotating is called shaft kiln. Rotary kiln shell is the main equipment, of which the kiln shell is the main body of the rotary kiln , kiln shell in the thickness of the steel plate handled 40 mm or so, kiln shell's temperature can reach 1000 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 1600 ℃ , so the heat preservation prevents losses of kiln shell heat which will be the key to the rotary kiln. The traditional kiln shell aims to better heat preservation, there's a internal layer around 200 mm of refractory bricks, such kiln shell's weight ratio is large, because of  high temperature and the relationship between bearing, kiln shell ellipsoid with tiny garden type deformation, a brick kiln of stress, the influence of the brick kiln life.

Now there is a very good rotary kiln heat insulation materials, high temperature resistant heat insulation coating , model ZS is 1, Cheng Weihua by Beijing volunteers chemical industry Co., LTD. Exclusive research and development production, coating for water-based inorganic coating, the special high temperature solution Cheng Weihua volunteers and choose a selection of anno ceramic hollow beads, silicon for inorganic raw materials such as aluminum fiber in machining, heat resistance rate in 80-1800 ℃, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is only 0.03 W/m.K, small specific gravity, light weight, greatly can reduce the weight of the object besmear to brush. ZS-1 high temperature resistant heat insulation coating can effectively restrain the infrared radiant heat and shielding and heat conduction heat, thus, heat insulation inhibition efficiency may reach 90%, which can restrain high temperature object in the transmission of the thermal radiation and heat loss, the rotary kiln internal heat can keep the 70% not lost another fire retardant paint, wear resistance compression, insulation fight wear, acid and alkali resistant, light weight, convenient construction, the most important is that the service life is long.

New type of rotary kiln aims to better heat insulation, reduce kiln shell weight, further protect kiln shell steel plate, now besmear brush ZS-1 high temperature resistant heat insulation coating, construction methods are as follows:


1, The existing rotary kiln, ZS-1 the high temperature resistant heat insulation paint besmear brushes in kiln shell, only a few millimeters, can be a very good one to reduce temperature of metal shell, to prevent heat dissipating and saving energy, which is also a better protection of the kiln shell not air rust corrosion hair. The increase of the heat insulation heat preservation material weight and very few, chis-hing paint coating hardness, can withstand certain external shocks.

2, Besmear brushes in kiln shell metal wall, in the insulation tiles, between the coefficient of thermal conductivity is coating the traditional heat insulation big heat coefficient is low several times, besmear brushes the paint thickness can reduce the heat preservation brick several times thickness, greatly reduce the overall weight of rotary kiln, and density of the high, can better prevent corrosion of rotary kiln stove gas contact the steel plates.


3 The watts, of rotary kiln temperature or oil pool temperature is not more than 45 ℃, to do well in oil pool, other parts of high temperature radiant heat and prevent tile temperature or oil pool the temperature too high. In tile or oil pool besmear brushes ZS-1 chis-hing high temperature resistant heat insulation coating, can be very good to prevent heat, or oil pool influence.

 High temperature resistant heat insulation coating in the rotary kiln is feasible in technology, economic save, the necessary components rationality to environment and social, from energy production to the consumption of each link, which can lower consumption and reduce the loss and pollutants, stop waste, use the energy effective and rational. Rotary kiln achieves sound and rapid economic growth.

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