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Hongxing mobile crusher resolves construction garbage problem

Along with the city construction in Henan, a huge construction waste forms. According to official statistics, Luoyang will produce a mass of construction waste in the following 5 years, which can be reached 7600000 tons of construction garbage and about 56000000 square of construction waste soil besides key projects like subway, airport. How to cope with the building rubbish? What makes us relaxed is that construction waste  can produces and promotes the development of construction waste recycling industry. In an interview with Professor Zhang, who works in Solid Waste Comprehensive Utilization Center of Polytechnic University, he commented: building rubbish reclamation enterprises to city is what “toilet" to each family, it is indispensable.

Reporter discoveries that building garbage problem is often resolved by three ways. One is dumped to the legitimate outlet plant, another is optionaly dumped to an empty place, then is recycled by the construction waste recycling companies. Some can be building materials once again by field treatment. The three different treatments also directly lead to the different costs. The first one requires 400yuan a car including the artificial cost, transportation cost, dumping fees, ect. The second is the most irresponsible one to economic, whose direct consequences are environmental pollution and social contradiction; the third way can save costs from 1/ 3to 2/ 3 comparing with the first one, which reduces burden to the developer or company, or demolition.

In addition, the relevant departments have taken positive measures to strengthen supervision of the emissions, removal, transfer, disposal and resource utilization of construction waste, to promote the development of industry. According to the new" Measures for Administration of Urban Construction Garbage ", enterprises normatively recycle construction waste in accordance with the relevant policies, can obtain relief in allowance, products, tax and price concessions in land, credit, water supply, electricity. Housing construction department puts new building materials made from construction waste into the new wall materials category and implements new special fund withdrawal policy for wall materials. Environment- friendly and energy-saving products can enjoy favorable policies, such as the new wall material special fund.

Design department should give priority to the recycling construction waste materials and products in construction project design. The alternative proportion of construction projects invested by the government should be no less than 30%; projects by the social capital shall be no less than 10%. Municipality and district (county) development and reform, finance, taxation and other departments shall support construction waste recycling processing enterprises in different ways. Concerned personage expresses, as a emerging industry, construction waste treatment industrialization is an important way to solve Henan construction garbage problem.

I believe that through the joint efforts of the government and enterprises, building garbage disposal industrialization have good development prospects in the future, it will ultimately solve problems of construction garbage and promote construction industry sustained, healthy and rapid development.

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