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Construction trash become the only increasing "Gold Ore" in the world

The life of Chinese construction is quite short, which produces more repeat construction and more construction trash. Construction trash converting into resources not only has great environmental benefits, but also produce huge economic benefits. Much of the construction trash with sorting, rejecting or crushing can be reused as renewable resources. With more and more urban construction trash, the mobile crushing station comes into being, which turns waste into treasure. The crusher is widely used in crushing the construction trash. On the one hand, it must take the environmental protection into consideration, which must in full compliance with the relevant national standards. On the other hand, with the process of urbanization is faster and faster, the voice of Construction trash converting into resources becomes higher and higher, and the requirement of construction trash crusher' crushing capacity become a rigid index. 

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. develops a new equipment of disposing urban construction trash ---- mobile crushing station, which can make the conversion rate of construction trash reach 85%. After sorting and classifying, the construction trash can be reused as "treasure". For example, through crushing, brick, stone, and concrete can be used as building materials; through reprocessing, scrap metal can be made into steel products with different standard; through crushing, offal timber can be made into artificial timber. Because of the low price and high quality, it has wide market, and now there are more than 10 major projects using its products. 

Through raw material activation, physical treatment, reasonable distribution and other 14 processing skills, the construction trash become the renewable environmental products, which has obvious advantages, such as compression resistance, breaking strength, heat insulation, etc. Now our customer has develop more than 40 kinds of environmental building materials with our product. Solid brick series products have the resistance to weather, no radiation, and longer service life; grass planting brick with high intensity, environmental protection, anti-skidding and strong durability, can be widely used for street, square and garden; concrete aggregate is widely used for building of street and bridge. What's more, all of the products have been through the quality certification of National Construction material qualitative inspect Center.

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