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How to avoid Jaw Crusher shaking sharply

As we all know, the jaw crusher will appear the case of shaking after using a period of time. The workers have to find out the reason of shaking to repair the machine, and then restore the production. Warm tips by Hongxing Heavy Industry: as long as pay attention to daily use, the shutdown of production process can be avoid.

First, pay attention to the set screws of jaw crusher. The jaw crusher is fastened on the ground by the set screws. If the set screws is loosing or breaking, the loosing side of machine will appear slight shaking firstly. At that time, if the workers pay no attention to the loosing screws, it will influence other screws with making other screws loose or break. If it goes on, the machine will shake seriously and even be damaged.

Second, pay attention to the foundation. As we all know, the foundation is very important to the building. If the foundation is instability, the building will be collapsed. The jaw crusher is the same. If the foundation is stable, the machine will not shake. If the foundation of jaw crusher is instable, the jaw crusher will not be stable. Therefore, the stability of foundation is very important to jaw crusher. In the daily use of jaw crusher, the worker had better check the stability of foundation at regular intervals. If the foundation is instable, reinforcement is necessary.

Third, pay attention to the flywheel. If the position of flywheel is not suitable, the jaw crusher will be tilted off-balance, which leads the jaw crusher shake seriously. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance is very important to jaw crusher in daily use.

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