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The Phenomenon "Few Goods and High Price" of Cement Market was changed by Hongxing Jaw Crusher

Cement is the foundation of national construction material. It is the responsibility of cement industry to make contribution to national economic construction. The price of cement is determined by market supply and demand. The demand for cement is increasing, but the supply for cement is decreasing, which leads to the increase of cement price. Reducing the cost and increasing the output, the jaw crusher produced by Zhengzhou Hongxing remits the case of few goods and high price in cement market.

In the process of producing cement, a large number of cabinet raw materials (limestone, etc.), fuel of semi-broken products need to be broken, aiming at improving the efficiency of drying plant and grinding plant. At the same time, it's easy to transport and storage materials. Hongxing Jaw crusher has many advantages, such as big reduction ratio, equal product granularity, simple structure, reliable working condition, convenient repair and economical operation. Comparing with the Cone crusher, the jaw crusher has less investment and lower cost of production. Comparing with the hammer crusher, the jaw crusher has longer service life and higher efficiency. 

The working principle of Jaw crusher. The jaw crusher is working through an electric motor driving the belt and the pulley, which makes the jaw up and down through an eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw goes downside, the angle between moving jaw and setting jaw turns small, so that the materials can be compressed and crushed. When the moving jaw goes upside, the angle between moving jaw and setting jaw turns big, so that the moving jaw plate leaves the setting jaw plate through the tension of bar and spring, then the crushed material discharged from the crushing chamber mouth.

Early in the "Eleventh Five-year Planning" period, Chinese cement industry mend her pace of merger and recombination, the concentration ration of industry increasing obviously. The market demand in western area keeps rapid increase. According to the increasing space of market demand, the government arranges the new construction project to increase the supply capacity. In the "twelfth Five-year Planning" period, the cement industry in different areas has different policies. The eastern region will control the expansion of production capacity strictly while the central and western regions will have a relatively large space for development.

In 2012, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd will adjust the developing aspect, sending the jaw crusher to the western region to support the needs of large-scale cement production lines, which will alleviate the pressure of cement supply effectively, contributing strength to promote Western economic development and build a moderately prosperous society.

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