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Magnetic separator is Used for fine ore dressing, Turning the waste into the wealth

Many users do not understand why the concentrator needs to deal with the tailings. They think that is a way with low efficiency. If they have time, it's better to dressing by magnetic separation directly for the source ore, which will increase the working efficiency.

In fact, the definition of tailing is relative. There are a lot of useful components in the tailings. After the crude ore entering the concentrator with crushing, grinding and sorting operations, the useful minerals in the ore are selected as one or more products, and the tailings are discharged as slurry. The rate of pure mineral is low and the fine mineral rate of non-ferrous metals is only 10% to 20%. The number of tailings is large with a yield generally reaching 80% to 90%, even larger. If a small concentrator has a daily processing capacity of 100 tons, its daily tailings discharge quantity can reach 80 to 90 tons or more. What's more, the higher ore grade is, the bigger fine mineral rate is, and the less tailings quantity is. With current technical level, it is difficult to recycle some precious metals and rare metals. However, with the development of scientific technology, the useful component in the tailing can be re-developed and utilized. There are many instances at home and abroad for the comprehensive utilization of tailings resource. Visible, the tailings can not be arbitrarily discarded. The disposal of tailings is not only related to environmental protection, rational use of resources, but also related to the legal aspects. Therefore, it has important significance to deal with tailings properly.

Response to the call of using the world's resources with effect, circulation and efficiency, make technical contribution to the future development of the mineral processing industry. The dry magnetic separator produced by Hongxing Company has many advantages, such as large separation volume, auto-uniform materials, high ability to improve the quality and less tailings, which can be used for different kinds of magnetite, weak magnetic ore and low grade ore with more than 500 users at home and abroad. The dry magnetic separator produced by Hongxing Company is the best dry magnetic separation equipment with the highest success rate and the best effect, which is the gospel for the majority of people who commits himself to the dressing career.

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