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How can you miss the crusher special offer on May 1st, 2012?

Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, the domestic industry started an energy saving and environmental protection war. Mechanical, chemical desulfurization industry also met policy prosperity; especially the waste resource recycling desulfurization project, it is quietly remarkable.

Carbide is the natural desulfurization agent; analysis from its composition, carbide slag is fully capable of playing the same role with lime as desulfurization agent. 

Carbide slag have a natural advantage to be used as desulfurization agent, however, the fragmentation of carbide is still a problem setting in front of desulphurization industry. When it comes to the choice of crusher, two-segment crusher not only waste production capacity, but also need high investment costs, and fine crusher itself cannot meet the grinding fineness requirements. In view of this situation, the trump card company of crusher production in China - Zhengzhou Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. developed a single-segment crusher, which can reach the carbide slag desulfurization grinding fineness by single crushing.

It is understood that Hongxing single-segment crusher is known as the calcium carbide slag special crusher; it used to the single-segment crush medium hardness materials and can replace the traditional tertiary segment crushing. It is widely used in cement, ceramics, glass, calcium carbide desulfurization, artificial sand, coal, machinery, non-metallic mines, and new green mining machinery industries by the remarkable crushing effect on calcium carbide, machinery (chemical) desulfurization limestone, and coal gangue.

Because of the power of Hongxing single-segment crusher, more and more power plants use calcium carbide slag as desulfurization agent, which not only solves the stacking problem of carbide, but also reduces the cost of desulfurization system.

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