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Decline of Price of Global Hematite Helps Cone Crushers Win Good Developmental Opportunities

Under the circumstance of the decline of steel's price, the volume of the hematite began to shrink. The bidding price of the three main mines spot also has been slumping recently. In addition, many buyers have began to break the contacts that the price of iron ore is too high signed in the earlier stage. The price of the hematite enters a downward spiral. Reducing the costs effectively is the main problem that the hematite mining companies should focus on. At present, large production units ( especially the foreign large-scale mining) all use the gyratory crushers. Using cone crushers can reduce the production costs effectively from the efficiency and costs of the hematite.

The jaw crusher is the widely used in the process of hematite, which is mainly used in the process of hematite's rough crushing. It can meet different designs and manufacturing requirements. In order to achieve higher production efficiency, it is necessary to crush the iron ore as much as possible to crush the hematite to the smallest particle size. Besides, the cone crusher can provide a smaller particle size. From the overall process, using the laminating equipment to complete the main crushing task of hematite is the most economical way of production. Hongxing Mining Machinery develops new technologies continuously, and it has introduced the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and the spring cone crusher series. Hongxing Mining Machinery gradually turns the focus of development to the basic techniques and the independent manufacture of the basic components to improve the level of independent research and manufacture.

The hematite is the main raw material of the steel and iron industry. Recently, the global output of the hematite is increasing continuously. The supply of the waste steel in China will increase, which will make the price of the hematite decline. China is one of world's largest user of hematite. In the next two years, the output of the global hematite is expected to grow annually more than 450million tons. It is expected that the limation of supply will slow the trend of falling prices. According to the hardness of the hematite, the cone crusher developed by Hongxing Mining Machinery is the best equipment for crushing hematite. The decline of the price of the hematite will dominant the leading position of the cone crusher.

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