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Oil price hike promotes crusher to energy-saving development

Corresponding government's call, security room and other basic construction projects have been gradually started since the "two sessions", which bring the spring for crusher industry and lead to linear growth trend of jaw crusher orders, but a wide range of negative factors affect the development of the crusher industry at the same time.

China further increases oil prices, refined oil enter into a new summit. Oil price growth rate and growth scope greatly exceeds the expected plan, which instantly set off a wave in the country. Oil price hike has brought a great impact to China's economy, because of chain reaction role, the oil price increasing will inevitably directly affect production costs of the related industries and enterprises, and crusher industry is no exception. But everything has pros and cons, rising oil prices promotes manufacturing enterprises focus on researching energy-efficient mechanical products and hybrid products. 

Just look at the crusher industry, it has occupied a place in the international arena, but compared to the advanced foreign crusher manufacturers, China's scientific and technological content and resource utilization is generally low, cannot compete to those high-end equipment. In an increasingly competitive international environment, in order to truly reach international standards, it is necessary for crusher enterprises in China to establish a correct concept of development, and take the road of new industrialization development of sustainable development, absorb in world's outstanding production experience, continually improve ourselves, and gradually enroll towards the road of independent innovation. 

The rise in oil prices indicates new development directions to some extent for China crusher industry, so that businesses could see the need for new energy, and gradually change the mode of production to produce more crusher product in line with modern development laws. 

Hongxing machinery will comply with the development law of society and economy to make itself outstanding in crusher and ball mill industry. 

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