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Rotary kiln computer operating technology is gradually matures

The application of computer technology has been very extensive, it can be said have infiltrated into every aspect of our production and living.  Use computer operate rotary kiln is that input the parameters of the signal collected from the scene into a computer, after comparison and analysis, computer outputs a corresponding signal according to certain procedures to control the scene, which is similar to traditional PID control loop--computer control rotary kilns also rely on a number of control loops, the difference is that there are many contacts among the control loops and can contain multiple PID control loops.

The rotary kiln computer operation has advantages of saving time, timely and less errors. Of course, the current level of using computer operating rotary kiln has many limitations. 

First, the signal input into computer relies on software program, while the actual production is changeful and cannot always in line with the particular mode of program, so it has its limitations. Second, because of the great changeful circumstances in the beginning and end stage, computer operation cannot be used. Especially for cement rotary kiln, due to the design of PID parameters in the machine only adapt to small fluctuation, computer operation is useless in the case of large fluctuations. Third, unreliable loop should not be put into the computer operation. The loop of changeful signal that need frequency adjustment also should not operated by computer.

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