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To maintain vibrating feeder is of great signality

In vibrating feeder, the hopper scoop the materials sent in from the feed inlet by its own. If the location of the feed inlet is too low, most of the materials will enter in to the engine base before the hopper could scoop the materials, resulting in the failure of hopper scooping materials. Thus the materials will easily become a massive, and then cause deformation and detachment of the hopper. When this phenomenon occurs, workers should adjust the location of the feed inlet. In addition they can also change the materials of the hopper, and select high-quality materials to make the hopper. The usually seen hoppers are made of ordinary steel or galvanized sheet metal welding, folding or involving in the lead wire to enhance the strength of the hopper. As the load components of the vibrating feeder, the hopper requires relatively higher for the materials, so the installation should try to use higher strength material. 

Before starting the machine, workers must clear the accumulated materials within the base, otherwise it would cause the phenomenon of downtime. If workers start the machine after outage or downtime, without clearing the accumulated materials, the hopper would probably rapture or fall off. Therefore between shutdown and boot, it is essential to clear the accumulating material within the base. In addition, the connection the hopper and the hopper tie should also be regularly checked to make sure its firmness. Once finding the problem, regardless it is screws loosening and fall off or hopper skew and damage, it should be promptly repaired or replaced, as a preventive measure. Hopper tear should also be avoided in hopper operations, which would be caused by deviation of the hopper tie and detachment of the hopper. If workers discover this phenomenon, they must timely rind out the reason and remedy of the trouble. Moreover, the materials mixed with the foreign body of sharp edges should be avoided, because they could possibly crack the hopper tie. Therefore, during production process, the vibrating feeder should be installed mounted steel mesh or magnet on the feed inlet to avoid large piece of foreign matter falling into the base.

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