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Hongxing shows the way to design the best crushing cavity shape

The section productivity of crushing cavity changes from top to bottom along the cavity height. The maximum productivity is about in the middle part, the minimum is in the discharging part. With the increasing size of crusher, the D-value of maximum productivity between the upper section and bottom section will also become greater. The lower curve cavity can improve the blockage point, decline congestion of discharging part and increase the productivity of the crusher.

50/75 type cavity has the minimum D-value of feeding and discharging and the smaller change along the height. When the reduction ration is constant, reduce the nip angle can increase the productivity and the cavity height. On the contrary, improve the nip angle will reduce the productivity and the cavity height. We should not only ensure the reduction ration, but also improve the cavity height. According to this cavity change theory, we can divide the cavity into five sections. In this way, the cavity has a higher productivity and also reduces the height of crushing cavity. So this is a reasonable shape of crushing cavity. 

The above theory is built on the basis of experience and experiment. Henan Hongxing shapes the optimization crusher cavity. Suppose there is a curve-shaped cavity, we use the cubic spline function to describe. As long as take several shaped value (its value can be used as design variables) on the liner, we can calculate the point coordinates of cavity curve and describe liner curve. Take the moving cone liner as linear form, and the fixed liner as curve form.

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