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Take technical measures on the beneficiation process transformation

Raw ore is of low grade, low control and classification efficiency, high tailings grade, low grinding efficiency, low recoveries of concentrate grade and metal, which not only increase production costs, and decline the economic benefit. Therefore, taking necessary technical measures to transform process technology on the concentrator has been a general trend.  Specific measures after transformation are as follows.

Crushing process transformation

①Adopt one-on-one feeding instead of the original 1to 2 series. 

② Set the three sections of screening, greatly improve the device useful effect, solve the problem of low efficiency, high energy consumption in ore preparation process. 

③Increase dry magnetic separation operations on the upper part of fine ore bin, discard qualified tailing of <8.0% to improve the taste of people milling ore, whose grade is up to 20.00% from 16. 00%, and create the conditions to improve the beneficiation efficiency. 

④Adopt Nordberg crusher instead of cone crusher in second-section crushing stage to ensure the final crushing granularity, which can be to below 7 mm. 

⑤Adopt WAY circular vibration sieve instead of the original ordinary shaker, which improve screening efficiency and processing power. 

Grinding and separating process transformation

①Add GMT demagnetizer between grinding and separation operations and screening, reduce the effect of magnetic reunion on the classification efficiency; 

②Adopt MVS high-frequency vibration sieve to replace the original hydro cyclone and high-frequency fine sieving which streamline processes and improve efficiency; 

③Adopt magnetic separation to instead of regrinding operation of products on the high frequency vibrating screen sieve, solving the problem of ineffective; 

④Change the original grading operations though magnetic separation into regrinding operations. It can reduce grinding fineness, and help to improve the operating efficiency of the overall process; 

⑤Change grading operations into grinding magnetic operations, excluding part of gangue interfere with useful minerals, greatly improve qualified product content into the screen, and improve the efficiency of qualified useful minerals; 

⑥Increase BKW-type magnetic separator to cope with tailings, make full recycle of useful minerals; 

⑦Adopt DCJJ electromagnetic poly machine instead of the original ordinary magnetic agglomeration operations before selection process which saves water and improve quality; 

⑧ Adopt HTC automatic ceramic filter to replace the original disc vacuum filter.

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