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Sand production line becomes reasonable and effective

Sand production line achieves automated production technology, makes product with uniform particle size, good grain shape and reasonable grading. Crushing and screening plants show cross-space layout in the entire production line, this layout has advantages of small footprint, high economic efficiency and good quality of finished material. In addition, the series of production line has advanced electronic-control  operating system , stable  technology systems,  smooth discharging and reliable operation, which provide strong technical support to energy-efficient production goal .

The equipment for mechanical sand making includes: ball mill, vibration mill, grinding powder machine, superfine grinding machine, colloid mill, jet mill drying equipment, etc. In addition to these devices, good grading equipment is also necessary and it must be able to fine grading.  Due to fine granularity of the product, it takes a long time to classify products by common gravity classification technology which reduces   production efficiency, so most of companies adopt centrifugal force field classification which is of obvious effect and short operation time. 

The current sand making processing technology has been able to basically meet the requirements of sand making enterprise   and building users. But we cannot ignore that the sand maker technology still exists many problems in the particle size distribution, grain shape adjustment and control technology, as well as environmental pollution and material waste. Face of these suspended pending, as professional sand maker designers and producers, we need to overcome technical problems by continue efforts, mutual cooperation and joint development.

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