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Multi-disk magnetic separator can obtain products of different magnetic properties

The current dry-type disc high intensity magnetic separators used in practice production include single disk (e900mm), double-disc (e576mm) and triple-disc (e600mm) type. They are basically same at structure and separation principle. Among which, E576mm double-disc magnetic separator has wide usage scope. e576mm double-disc high intensity magnetic separator is mainly composed by magnetic system, rotating disk suspended on the top of magnetic system, c vibrating feeder trough (or feeder belt); magnetic system and rotating disk compose a closed magnetic circuit; rotating disk looks like a turn buckle surrounding with 1 to 3 sharp teeth plate, its diameter is half of the vibrating feeder trough’s; in order to prevent the blockage of a strong magnetic materials, a weak magnetic roller is equipped in hopper discharging roller to pre-select strong magnetic minerals among the feeding materials.

Working principle and separation process 

The raw materials are evenly sent to feeding cylinder by hopper; strongly magnetic mineral are attracted to the roller surface and rotate to the weakest spot with the drum and then fall into strong magnetic minerals receiving hopper. The part not attracted enters into vibration screening chute and be transported into the work space below disc; Weak magnetic mineral are attracted to cusp around the disk by strong magnetic, and run to external magnetic field with the disc, then fall into the magnetic product bucket under the role of the gravity and centrifugal force; non-magnetic minerals are discharged into the tailings bucket along the end of vibration groove. 

The advantages of multi-disk high intensity magnetic separator is that it can obtain several products of different magnetic quality in single job, a single disc at can get two products in a single job, and a double disc can get four. If adopt partition prospecting method, we can get a variety of quality products in single job. The first one be discharged is middling of weak magnetic, then is concentrate (fine sand) of better magnetic, the last one is iron ore.

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