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High pressure grinding roller moves towards the industrialization

Roll crusher, appeared in 1806, is the most ancient crusher, which is invented by as English man Thomas. Its roots can go back to the ancient treadmill, which is the prototype of roll crusher. The working principle of treadmill is also the working principle of roll crusher. The treadmill continues to improve in actual production process, evolving to several types, such as the plain-roll crusher, which is used in the metal mine industry; the rod-toothed crusher, which is used in the coal industry and so on. However, the development of traditional roll crusher is limited, making slow progress. In the 1980s, based on research result of Professor Shaw in University Krauss, Krupp Company and KHD Company in German launched the High-Pressure Roll Crusher. The High-Pressure Roll Crusher adopts the high-pressure crushing force, which crushes the material in the contact. The impact in the roller reduces the relative sliding action between the material and the roll surface. The high-pressure force from roll surface to the material improves the working efficiency of crusher and reduces the wear rate of roll surface, making the High Pressure Grinding Roller move towards the industrialization. 

Due to the obvious advantages, such as simple structure, reliable work, few phenomenon of over crushing, high product’s quality and superfine crushing, the roll crusher is widely used for crushing of the low hardness brittle material, such as cement, silicate and so on. In metal mine industry, it is rare to use, because the cone crusher can replace the roll crusher. However, in small-scale mines, or in the dressing mill who processing the valuable ore, demanding that the products has little argillation, such as tungsten ore, the roll crusher is still used.

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