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The main part of curved screen is the sieve with a curved screen surface

There are two kinds of feeding methods, pressure feeding and gravity feeding. The main part of curved screen is the sieve with a curved screen surface. The screen surface is composed of equidistant and parallel sieves. The pulp vertical flows through sieve with a certain speed along the tangential. The thickness of pulp gradually becomes thinner under the “cutting” effect, so as to achieve the separation. Part of pulp flow through the sieve under the centrifugal force. Some uncut pulps flow above the sieve under the force of inertia.

The operation of machine, human activities and air convection, all of these will lead to the dust suspended in the air. However, the main reason of dust suspended is the excess air pressure caused by the falling materials. Therefore, take effective measures to control the dust pollution are one of the important tasks for ore beneficiation technical persons. 

In the production practice, the general feeding pressures are 0.5-0.8 kg/cm and 1.5-2.5kg/cm for 180 and 270 pressures feeding curved screen. For the gravity feeding curved screen, the feeding pressure is 0.05-0.34 kg/cm. for sorting the fines, the width of sieve hole is 0.3-0.4mm; for the coarse sorting, it is above 0.5mm. The specifications of curved screen can see the radius of curvature, screen width and curvature. 

The vibrating screen is a new type and wet fine (0.2-0.044mm) screening (grading) equipment. The differences of fine screen and curved screen in structure are: 

1, the screen surface is not circular, but plane. 

2, the sieve frame is not fixed on the sieve body, but hanging on the sieve body by spring. Therefore, the angle of surface and horizontal can be regulated. 

3, there is beating device in the back of sieve frame. The beating device beat the frame regularly, which can prevent the blocking of screen meshes. The working principle of fine screen is similar with the gravity curved screen.

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