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How to Reduce Stone Powder in the Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is mainly using the rotation of the rotor in the cabin to drive the rotation of the hammerhead to strike and crash the stone to make it broken eventually. The stone crashes each other under the action of the rotor, which forms a large stone whirlpool to increase mutual collisions between materials. In this process, the rotor rapidly rotates, and the blast volume is too large, which will make the tiny stone spill over and cause the dust pollution.

When the impact crusher is at work, the rotation of the rotor will bring out a lot of airflow so that the stone powder flies out. The crushing work of the impact crushers is complished by multi-stage crushing and grinding in the crushing cavity. The fineness of the crushing material is small. During the operation, the powder is easy to fly out. In addition, the working style is completed through beating and crushing, which will increase the amount of dust. The back plate will be worn for a long time. Even worse, the counter board will drop which will greatly reduce the tightness of the impact crusher and increase the dust pollution. In order to solve the large amount of stone powder in the impact crusher, the users can equip with the dust removal equipment or add with a closed cover. The uses also can add a little water to the  material to make it wet or directly add with the dust humidifier before the material enters the crusher feed opening. 

In order to reduce the amount of the stone powder in the impact crusher, you can regularly check the  parts of the equipment. For example, you can check the liner, the tightness of the machine housing and check if the screws in the connection of the device is loose. Doing regular maintenance and repair is very important, which will greatly reduce the amount of dust and can also improve the working efficiency. 

The impact crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has the characteristics of excellent performance and low power consumption, which is your best choice.

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