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Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Electromagnetic vibrating feeders are equipped with electromagnetic drives which generate vibrations required for conveying of material.
[Overview ]

The China vibrating feeder can send the massive and granular materials to the receiving device equably from the storage. It can feed the crusher uniformly in the sand product line to protect the port of the crusher from being blocked. The vibratory feeder applies the characteristics of the exciter of the double eccentric shaft to ensure that the equipment can bear the impacting force taken by the falling big materials.

Vibrating feeders consist of vibrating tray fitted to a power unit of considerable weight. The electromagnetic unit is mounted inside the heavy power unit. The power unit also houses the spring bars which consist of a number of leaf springs clamped at the two ends of the power unit. A heavy fabricated center piece carries the magnet armature at one end and the vibrating feeder tray at the other end. The center piece is tightly clamped around the middle of the spring system. The feed tray is of heavy welded construction with stiffeners and gussets to provide rigidity.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeders are equipped with electromagnetic drives which generate vibrations required for conveying of material. The electromagnetic drives are robust in construction with very high reliability factor. These conveyors come with a specially designed controller required for operation of the electromagnetic conveyor. These controllers convert the input AC supply voltage into pulsating DC output which results in generation of vibrations. A thyristor such as a silicon controlled rectifier is used for this purpose. The fringe angle of the SCR can be varied sleeplessly using a potentiometer or an analogous electrical signal / PLC signal from an external command variable unit, which in turn increases / decreases the amplitude of vibrations thereby controlling the output of the conveyor as required.

[Technical Data ]

Model Feeding capacity(t/h) Object Max. allowed input size(mm) Power(w) Voltage(v) Current(a) Double swing(mm) Clearance(mm) Total weight(kg)
GZ1 5 50 60 220 1≤ 1.75 1.9-2.2 75
GZ2 10 60 150 220 2.3≤ 1.75 1.9-2.2 155
GZ3 25 70 200 220 3.8≤ 1.75 1.9-2.2 225
GZ4 50 100 450 220 7≤ 1.75 1.9-2.2 460
GZ5 100 150 650 220 10.6≤ 1.75 1.9-2.2 656

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