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Digitization Becomes Innovative Technology of Mining

With the progress of the technology, the development of the mining machinery products showing the trend of digitization, parallelization, integration and knowledgeablization. The digit has become the core technology of rapid innovation and development. In the machinery industry, the basic idea of the development of digital products is to use all kinds of digital information during the development process of the products including graphics, data, knowledge, skills, quantitative expression, storage and control in order to achieve the global optimization operator targeting the rapid market response and innovation and development. An important feature of the digitization of the product development is the predictability of the product development and performance. The purpose of the manufacturing process of digital simulation is to reveal the nature of the manufacturing process, get knowledge and independent design and manufacturing process of the equipment and achieve the prediction and optimization control ability for manufacturing, assembling and even the whole life cycle of the product with the help of the calculation model, computer rehearsal, and other means built on the basis of physics and mathematics. The main contents include the design process simulation which includes shape simulation, assembly simulation, kinematics simulation, dynamic simulation, and multi-disciplinary integrated simulation, the process simulation which includes the simulation of the cutting process, the welding process simulation, the stamping process simulation and casting process simulation, the simulation of the production process which accurately predict feasibility of technology, processing costs, process quality and the production cycle through the establishment of manufacturing systems and static and dynamic models.

We use the network technology represented by the Internet to make the information and the knowledge in every link of the manufacture and the design can achieve the circulation and integration on the basis of digital description in order to make the resources in different places or different enterprises can be shared so that organizations, distribution,  group element of the distribution and flattening become possible, which has provided conditions for involving the production and supply chain for users. The computer application is widely used in mining industry. The large-scale mining equipment has the characteristics of high technical content, large amount of investment, less volume, poor working conditions and long development and test cycle, whose development is suitable to use the globally distributed network collaboration model which is able to respond quickly to market demand, achieve the global optimal allocation of resources through the virtual value chain to rapidly meet maximize the value of fundamental needs of the customers. In the future, the mining machinery manufacturing system is no longer a steady-state combination of the individual businesses and the limited number of suppliers of long-term cooperation, but a optimal dynamic system with no national boundaries, more enterprises, and short-term.

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