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The usage of spiral chute separator

The chute beneficiation belongs to the slant flow sorting process. To a certain, the pulp is put on the inclined chute or slant, under the impetus of the water, mineral particles group will loose and be layered, so the upper light mineral quickly discharges outside the tank and the lower heavy mineral strands in the tank or discharged at low speed from the lower bottom, respectively, the concentrates and tailings will be got. 

The density separator is the earliest ore-dressing equipment. In the ancient time, people used the panning method to select and receive heavy minerals, the tools that they used is the original chute. Now, some coarse gold chute and sand tin chute are still in use. In the mid-19th century, the mechanical transmission belt chute and the round chute appeared, and then they became the important ore-dressing equipment of the fine-grained non-ferrous metal. After the sand washer and concentrator table appeared, the application of the chute was relatively reduced. But it is still widely used in the thick, medium, and fine granule. In 1940s, multilayer automatic chute appeared, and then the sharp contraction chute came out in 1950s, until 1960s, the manufacture of the cone concentrator and shaking table etc., has broken the path for the modernization of the spiral chute. Spiral chute separator has become an effective means of dealing with micro-fine ores. 

The spiral chute can be divided into three categories according to the size of ore granule. The first is coarse chute, the maximum particle size of mine is more than 2 or 3 mm, even up to 100-200 mm, the second is ore chute ,handling with 2 to 3 mm size fraction, the last one is slime chute; it gives mine particle size is less than 0.074 mm. 

The main advantage of the spiral chute are : the structure of the equipment is simple, the cost of investment and production is low, and the coarse, medium grain chute have the higher processing capabilities, the disadvantage is the separation accuracy is lower, therefore, it is just suitable for rougher device to use. At present, it is widely used in processing tin, gold, platinum, iron, and some rare metal ores, especially more in the treatment of low-grade placer.




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