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Shaking Concentrator

Shaking table is a kind of gravity separation equipment, used to choose the fine grained material, widely used in choosing tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, titanium iron and coal, etc. 

mineral separating shaking table Can make the ore grain move along different direction according to the density and particle size, and fanning out along the diagonal from the feeder trough , in turn, discharging along the bed surface edge. The row ore line is very long, can accurately output a variety of products, which has different quality , such as concentrate, time concentrate, medium concentrate and tailings, etc.

the separating process of mineral processing shaking table includes: 

1. Materials in bed surface loosely layer

During the separation process of the table concentrator, water flow transverses along the bed surface, continuously across the bed surface crosser, the size of the flow change is alternate. When it goes through a crosser, it just happens one time hydraulic jump.

The vortex that the hydraulic jump produced can format upwelling near the edge of the downstream division bar, but form the drop flow in the groove. The rise and fall of the water is the force of ore loose or suspension. And loose or suspension is the premise that the particles layer, making heavy particles into the bottom. Due to the bottom particles are dense, the density relative is larger, and hydraulic jump has a very small influence to the bottom, so under the bottom, it formats heavy material layer. But lighter particles, can't enter the ground floor due to lesser part static pressure, so the lighter particles, which driven by the horizontal flow, transverse crosser downward movement. Small particles that Settle velocities are remain suspended, they discharge with the horizontal flow. 

2. Material in the bed surface zone 

Horizontal flow includes: the water of in the stock suspension and rinse water . Due to the effect of the transverse flow, the grain is in the same level, grain the large size one motion quickly than the small particles, the small density one moves faster than the big density particles. 

This kind of motion differences is obvious, because different density and particles after stratification occupied different bed height : for those approaching crosser particles, water flow flushes them more strongly , and thus the low density of coarse grain was first wash down, namely its lateral movement speed is greatest. Along the longitudinal movement direction of the bed, crosser height gradually reduces, so the original particles, which occupy the middle layer constantly exposed on the upper. And fine light product and coarse weight product are successively washed down, producing distribution gradient along the longitudinal bed surface.

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