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The Significance of Maintaining Jaw Crusher

In stone production line, jaw crusher is used in a relatively large number, there is jaw crusher for coarse crushing, and also jaw crusher for secondary crushing. Sometimes we need to configure impact crusher equipment according to process requirements. In stone production line, the maintenance of equipment is mainly for the maintenance of the crusher equipment, good work in this part will make the successful completion of the maintenance work of stone production line, which will improve working efficiency, but also improve the yield. Jaw crusher is in good technical condition, they are ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime, improve crushing rates, utilization, reducing crusher wear and extend the life of the crusher; do regular maintenance, correctly handle the relationship between maintenance and repair, only use without maintenance is not allowed.

Bearing maintenance of jaw crusher, crusher bearing parts is the most easily broken, wear is large in use.so they need regular maintenance, regular refueling can increase the service life of the bearings. Jaw crusher lubrication maintenance, constant attention and timely good lubrication of the friction surface can guarantee the normal operation of the equipment and to extend the life of the equipment. The grease that is added to the bearing housing should take up 50-70% of the total volume, and it must be replaced once every three months, you should use clean gasoline or kerosene oil to carefully clean the bearing rollers runway. When crusher bracket touch with the rackets pad, it must be injected into the grease.

Jaw crusher is the most widely used in all walks of life, crushing equipment, jaw crusher is generally used for crushing various hardness of the different nature of the materials, which requires a good jaw crusher with good self-protection system, so that the device can operate safely, the failure rate is maintained at the low level.

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