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How to maintain the high efficiency powder concentrator

A lot of factors will influence the production effect of the powder machine, and the factors are interconnected in order to gain high efficiency of the classifier circuit grinding system. Large output effect of the operation must be carried out by skilled workers with some experience. In order to ensure long-term operation of the machine, workers need to pay attention to the day-to-day maintenance of the classifiers. The factory should be developed in line with the actual situation of maintenance operating procedures and overhaul system.

Bearings should be regularly added to ensure sufficient lubrication of the point, each bearing should be used and the lubricant agent must be clean.
Sound caused by dirt and normal lubrication must be timely maintened  and impurities must be removed. The wind pipes should be regularly cleaned to prevent dust backlog at the same time to prevent rainwater from entering  and avoid dust caking. Regularly check the firmness of the rotating components coupling part to prevent loosening and unsoldering. Then we can talk about the maintenance of classifier machine, the temperature will reduce the dust sedimentation and open the access door. The  overhaul must hung in the electrical switch control in order to avoid false car wounding. When the repair is completed , remove the signs which should be hung to show that the repair is completed before they can drive.

Spindle bearings and seals should be cleaned before inspection. If it is more than a predetermined value , then the part should be replaced. Whether the coupling at the nut is loose or damaged, the parts should be tightened for replacement. Tumble grading ring will sprinkle trays wearing parts for wear.

If any of them is replaced, we all need to pay attention to the balance. The efficient sand powder separator can specifically used for the excessive powder separation mechanisms sand dry production process can be very convenient to meet the requirements of the users. We provide  heavy machinery such as ball mill and sand making machine, they  need to be checked frequently to see if there is problem during operation.

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