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The Purchasing Skills of Ball Mill Grinder

1. To ensure the production capacity of ball mill
The purchased grinding equipment should achieve the predetermined yield under the conditions of reaching desired grinding fineness.
2. Production capacity should be higher than the design
Production designed should take the changes of ore hardness and fineness into account; so the ball mill grinder should be able to adopt the change of deep ore deposit while ensuring the smooth production in the early stage.
3. Take grinding test
If no actual data as a basis in the design, grinding tests will be necessary; especially for large-scale concentrator, we should choose grinding machine base on essential data obtained from grinding tests.
4. Appropriately consider large-scale equipment
The large-scale equipment is the recent tendency on design. Large-scale equipment has light weight, small footprint, few production systems, few operating personnel and auxiliary systems, and low investment and production costs. However, the operation and management level of large-scale equipment is high; slightly lowering operating rate will greatly reduce concentrator production.
5. To choose equipment with high operating rate
In principle, equipment with high operating rate can reduce maintenance and parking time.
6. To understand the nature of mineral, such as hardness and grade, try to choose energy-saving ball mill grinder.
7. Get knowledge of mineral grinding required fineness; according to the minerals required fineness to select the position of aperture and sub-positions of closing plate.
8. According to the production requirements to select mill machine of appropriate diameter and length.
9. Select a new generation of transformation-type ball mill, it is better to purchase from professional ball mill manufacturer corresponding to your minerals.
10. Pay attention to the modulus of ball mill large teeth, small tooth, as well as motor and reducer, according to the ball mill price to ask about the liner material and plate thickness of the body.

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