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The Running Parameters of Vibrating Grizzly Distributor

The running parameters of vibrating feeder include the vibrating frequency, amplitude, exciting angle and the important installation angle. Rational choice of operating parameters is a key condition to guarantee the normal operation of the device, which must not only meet the needs of the productivity, but also should be related with the dynamic load capacity of the machine and the power consumption.

The vibrating grizzly distributor is also called vibrating grizzly feeder with the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, no lubrication, low electricity consumption, low noise, long service life and so on, which is widely used in the field of metallurgy, chemical industries, coal, mining and water conservancy and hydropower to transport bulk and granular materials to different receiving equipments from storage bin.

The electric control of electromagnetic vibrating feeder uses half-wave rectifying circuit, and the feeding amount can be adjusted randomly according to different requirements, which can be used in the automated production line. Besides, the materials in electromagnetic vibrating feeder move in a subtle dropping state, so the chute wear is much light. The chute is made from suitable materials, so it can be used to transfer high-temperature, seriously wearing and corrosive materials.

According to the moving state of operating components, vibrating feeder can be divided into linear vibrating feeder, rotary vibrating feeder and reciprocating vibrating feeder. Specific, the linear vibratory feeder has several types, including belt vibratory feeder, plate vibratory feeder and scraper vibratory feeder; the rotary vibratory feeder includes types of chain, disk, spiral and impeller vibratory feeder; and the reciprocating vibratory feeder includes feed grizzly and chute feeder.

In addition, the transport efficiency is often closely related to the motion characteristics of the materials. Therefore, in the selection of operating parameters, the physical properties of materials and the dynamic characteristics in the transport process should also be taken into consideration.

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