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Key Notes on Electronic Vibrating Feeder

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder can be divided into three types based on the electricity supply mode: 1) magnetic exciting alternator, which means directly changes alternating current. The vibrating frequency is 6000 times per minute. It is usually applied to micro exciter. 2) Half-wave rectifier power supply. Currently, we can use controllable rectifier to adjust the current. The vibrating frequency is 3000 times per minute. 3) half-wave rectifier and direct current. The vibrating frequency is 3000 times per minute. Except the above three classic electricity supply modes, there are vibrating method decreasing the frequency of 50 HZ power resource to 1500 times a minute, H type iron core direct current and alternating current supply mode and so on.

Electromagnetic vibration feeder is widely used in metallurgy industry, chemical industry, medicine and foodstuff industry, etc. Compared with other feeding systems, it has many advantages, such as high efficiency, working stability and credibility, simple structure, small fiction, excellent commonality and so on. Recently, the main problems of electromagnetic vibration feeder focus on how to increase its transportation efficiency, how to heighten its level of automation control, and especially how to realize precisely and placidly feeding control. Firstly, the kinematic analysis for electromagnetic vibration feeder was made, the structure of vibrating feeder and the principles of materials feeding were introduced, and several different ways of material feeding was analyzed, then the more efficient movement state is got.

For the materials that are used for those parts whose damage may adversely affect the safety and reliability of the vibratory feeder, their adaptability to environment and durability must be established on the basis of experience or test, taking the influence of the environment, such as temperature, humidity, vibration and air pollution into consideration. Each component of the structure must be guarded to prevent the employee casualties caused by climate, corrosion, wear and other reasons. If there is larger temperature difference between the adjacent structures, attention must be paid to avoid the damage to the feed grizzly caused by the stress produced by thermal deformation.

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