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The Technology Innovation Of The Cement Ball Mill

The Cement Ball Mill is mainly used to grind the finished goods and the raw materials. It is also applied in the metallurgy, chemical, electric power and other industrial and mining enterprises who grind all kinds of ores and the other grind-able materials. Moreover, it is suitable for open-circuit grinding and the loop circuit grinding the powder. The strong ability to the materials, the continuous production, and the large crushing ratio and so on are its characteristics.
Our company---Hongxing Mining Machine adopts new technology to improve it. That is the unique grinding plate and the enhance bucket in the fan. Because of them, we realize the low level of the forced row of ore. The finished mineral particles can be discharged in time. The qualified particles has no chance to stay in it. So the over-crushed phenomenon is light,the grinding speed is fast and the grinding efficiency is high.
And on one hand, it uses the high-level of the medium filling rate, improving the amount of the ball, and plus the isolation of the grinding plate. On the other hand, the ball is elevated to a certain height. On the relatively low slurry surface, the ball had a larger falling height. Because of the above, the low slurry surface and the little ore, the grinding effect is good. And the products’ rate is higher.

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