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The Challenge of The Machinery Company Facing

Disorder competition of the domestic market makes industry product update slowly; the length of the technology upgrade cycle is key to the development of mining machinery industry. So how to improve the value of the product and enhance the technical content are important issues to bring the whole industry’s development and compete with the foreign manufacturers. In order to solve this sharp issue, we should establish brand awareness, innovation and patent awareness.

In addition, China's mining machinery industry is a sunrise industry, and the mining shows a large-scale trend.The domestic automation equipment and safety equipment will grow rapidly in the future. Insiders said that looking at the future prospects for the development of the mining industry, if the mining machinery enterprises want to seize the opportunity, they need to consider the environmental protection and other composite index. And they should do a good job in the development of new products, new technologies and new processes in response to the mining development of new equipment needs.
In the fierce market competition, the competitiveness of enterprises are generally reflected in several aspects including the technology advantage, quality advantage, price advantage and service advantages. Conservation and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources in China has great potential, which can promote scientific and technological progress and the development of recycling economy by strengthening management and improving the efficiency of utilization of mineral resources.

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