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How To Solve The Problem About The Dryer

When the dryer machine is in trouble, you should first stop the work of the dryer, and then analyse it according to the fault feature, check the dryer if it is suitable for the dryer continuing to work, or the failure will expand with the continuation of work. The reason why the dryer is in trouble is that it is caused by the manufacture, operation, using environment, maintenance and other factors. At the same time, some faults affect each other. After finding the real reason, we can solve the problem correctly. Now, we are going to talk the details.
1. The dried material does not meet the requirements of the provisions of moisture.To solve this case, the easiest way is to control the production capacity of the dryer equipment, and then increase or decrease the temperature.
2. The Mine Dryer explodes.The reasons can be divided into two types, namely, the materials within the dryer are blocked and the dryer temperature is too high, resulting in the fire of the inside device. When the material blocks, we should immediately shut down and do the cleaning. And in order to prevent such events occurring again, we have to do the daily maintenance of the equipment. When the dryer temperature is too high, we should reduce the fuel supply, so that the temperature of the device becomes lower, and meet production requirements.
3. The rolling ring swings in the cylinder operation. It is because the concave side of the connector in the rolling circle is not stepping up. The solution is to step up a little, but not too tight. If it is too high, it will cause accidents.

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