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The Process Of The Flotation Separation

The process of flotation machine is mainly used for sorting copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals. The flotation is suitable for processing fine and micro-fine materials. Recycling the fine mineral particles less than 10μm can also use the flotation processing, which is difficult to be recycled by the other processing methods. Some flotation technology specifically dealing with fine-grained materials can recycle materials of smaller granularity. The ultra-fine flotation and ion flotation technologies can recover colloidal particles to make them keep in molecular ion state. The flotation separation process can be also used to choose the other intermediate products such as slag processing hydro metallurgical leaching residue and the precipitated product replacement, recycle the inorganic and organic chemical products and waste water.

The mined ores are crushed by the jaw crusher firstly. After they achieving the reasonable fineness, they will be sent to the ball mill evenly through the elevator and feeder to be crushed. Then the ore fines ground by the ball mill will go to the next process: classification. By means of the proportion and precipitation of solid particles in the liquid at different speeds, the spiral classifier will wash and grade the ore mixture. When the mineral mix goes through the separator flotation, the magnetic substance of the mixture will separate based on the susceptibility of various minerals. The mineral particles will be sent to the flotation separation. And according to the type of mineral characteristics different drugs, the desired minerals and other substances will be got. After the ores being separated, they contain large amounts of water, so they should be concentrated by the concentrator firstly, and then sent to the dryer.The satisfied materials will be got. The above is the whole process.

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