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Why The Belt Conveyor Deviates

It is common that the belt of belt conveyor may deviate when it is running. In order to solve the failure, the installation and day-to-day maintenance of belt conveyor are important. There are many reasons could cause deviation, and they should be treated according to different reasons.

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1. Adjusting Tension of Belt

It is important to adjust the tension of belt conveyor.The two bend pulleys at the upper part not only should be perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the belt, but also should be perpendicular to the vertical line of gravity, which ensure the level of the shaft center line.

2. The Adjustment of Belt Conveyor Deviation in The Two-Way Operation

Two-way operation of the belt deviation is relatively more difficult to adjust than the one-way adjustment of the belt conveyor deviation. When you make specific adjustments, you should first adjust a certain direction, and then adjust the other direction. When you adjust it, please carefully observe the relationship between the moving direction and the belt deviation trend. The focus should be on the drive roller or redirecting roller. When use chain guide, we need to ensure both sides of the force be equal as far as possible.

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