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How To Determine The Faults of Rotary Dryer

When we inspect and judge the failure of dryer machine, we should combine the theory and practice together and adopt visual, auditory and olfactory testings to analyse the problems. Now, let's talk about the details.

rotary dryer

The first step is making visual judgment. The so-called visual judgment refers to that observe the changes in meter reading and connecting device, and anomalies in the temperatures of oil, water, motor, etc.
The second step is making auditory judgment. The so-called auditory judgment refers to listen to whether the sound of rotary dryer components is normal, or you should determine the source of abnormal sound.
The third step is making  olfactory judgment. The so-called olfactory judgment refers to that use nose to smell the oil of rotary dryer to determine whether it is normal.
The fourth step is making tactile judgment. The so-called tactile judgment refers to that touch the dryer machine by hand and check whether the temperatures of motor and other components of the dryer are normal or not.

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