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Working Condition for LSY Elevating Conveyor Belt

LSY general type elevating conveyor belt uses famous reducer, with reliable operation, small size, large torque and low noise; in addition, it makes use of special sealing material to seal joint, avoiding mud leakage; what’s more, spiral conveyer has special spiral blade, with advanced varying pitch design, small inlet blade pitch, large discharge pitch, so that the throughput is stable, avoiding plugging material.

The intermediate bearing bracket of LSY general type elevating conveyor belt produced by our company generally adopts PTM material, with good abrasive resistance and self-lubrication. Meanwhile, the addition of middle bearing bracket lubrication system can prevent materials penetrating bearing bracket, improve lubrication condition of middle bearing bracket and prolong service life of the convery belt.
Working condition for LSY elevating conveyor belt
1) Stable voltage: 380V±5%;
2) Power capacity: larger than overall load capacity;
3) Safe and reliable electric circuit: good earth connection, reliable insulation, correct wire connection;
4) Material diameter<5mm, stacking density<2t/h; if necessary, feed inlet should be higher than ccreen mesh or vibrating screen;
5) In relay transmission process, conveying capacity of back-end equipment should be larger than that of front-end equipment.
6) When feeding materials under positive pressure, feed inlet should be equipped with pressure-relief valve or pressure-relief split-flow baffle.
7) When feeding materials under negative pressure, it should be equipped with pressure-balance equipment.
8) Conveying materials with special performance should choose corresponding special convery belt.

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