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Instructions to Usage of Cyclone Dust Collector

1. Preparations before start-up of dust collector

1) Check all joints to make sure that they are securely connected.
2) Check the air impermeability between the dust collector and flue, dust collector and ash bucket, ash bucket and ash discharging device and other junction parts to eliminate ash leakage and air leakage.
3) Turn down flapper valve and start the fan, it there is no abnormal phenomenon, the operator can gradually turn up the flapper valve so that a specified number of dusty gas can pass through the dust catcher.

2. The technical requirements on operation of dust catcher

1) Pay attention to quick-wearing parts of dust catcher such as the changes in the inner wall of the outer tube.
2) Change in temperature of dusty gas or pay attention to the dust adhesion, clogging and corrosion when the humidity decreases.
3) Note the pressure changes and smoke color condition. Because of wear and corrosion, it will result in the perforation of the dust collector, causing dust emissions, which will cause the decrease of dust removal efficiency, color deterioration of exhaust smoke and pressure change.
4) Note that all parts of dust tightness checking gas flow and the cyclone dust concentration.

3. The technical job of dust collector

1) In order to prevent dust adhesion and corrosion, dust collector should continue to run for some time after the dust removal operation. The dust collector can’t be stopped until the air in the machine is completely replaced by clean air.
2) Eliminate the dust attached to the inner cylinder, outer cylinder and blades of  dust catcher, clean the dust in the ash bucket out.
3) If necessary, repair the perforation caused by wear and corrosion.
4) Check the air impermeability of each part, if necessary, replace the sealing element of dust catcher.
5) Conduct routine maintenance of the fan in accordance with the instructions.

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