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Application of ADRC for Barite Grinding Mill

Auto-disturbance-rejection control (ADRC) is a feedback linearization control strategy put forward by barite grinding mill expert in the late 1990s. The basic idea is: making unmodeled dynamic and unknown outside disturbance as unknown perturbation, estimating and compensating with input and output data so as to implement feedback linearization of dynamic system. In terms of pulverizing system of barite grinding mill , the method designs coal pulverizing control system based on auto-disturbance-rejection control, simulation results indicate that the system much better overcomes variable coupling and multivariable delay characteristics, with strong anti-jamming ability and robustness.

The method puts forward inverse system control program for barite grinding mill system and inverse system control based on artificial neural network, gives a fuzzy classification method to operation conditions applicable to distributed control, and takes robust PID integration for inverse system control. Hongxing uses neural networks, expert systems and other artificial intelligence tools, presents intelligent solutions-free control techniques based on computer distributed control system, and designs smart solutions-free control system with tertiary structure.
It is hard to solve problems encountered in actual application with single control method sometimes; while, the combinations of PID control and fuzzy control, self-adaptation control and fuzzy control, forecast control and fuzzy control, imitative smart control and fuzzy control, expert control and fuzzy control, forecast control and neural network control, fuzzy control and neural network control, etc. can complement each other and gain better control.

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