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How Can Realize Energy Conservation for Lime Rotary Kiln?

With the rapid economic development, the market demands for lime are greatly increasing. However, the crude fuel used for producing lime is also rising in price, especially the fuel used for calcining lime. The fuel cost accounts for over 70% of the total lime production costs, for this reason, to pursue lime production profit, we must do a good homework in saving fuel consumption. Here Hongxing Machinery will talk about the question how to realize the energy conservation for lime rotary kiln.

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1. The model selection of rotary kiln is crucial.

Different output and different fuel types should choose different kiln structure. The volume of the kiln using coal as fuel should be designed according to the output need and fuel types. Hongxing rotary kiln has high thermal efficiency and low coal consumption.

2. The materials fed into the kiln have a close link to the fuel consumption.

The calcinations of the lime means that the limestone breaks down to calcium oxide after being heated and the decomposition course starts from outside to inside. If the granularity is too big, the decomposition will be slow, and the fuel may have been burnt out, but the lime has not been completely decomposed, for this reason, the consumption ratio of fuel will be high. For this reason, the granularity of the furnace materials and the fuel should not only have reasonable size, but have a certain proportion to reduce the fuel consumption.

3. The fuel heat exhaustion has a great relation with material distribution.

The material distribution refers to the distribution of limestone and fuel inside the kiln. The practice has shown that layer distribution is not as good as mixed distribution as layer distribution will bring away plenty of heat from the smoke, which will cause fuel waste.

4. Gas calcinations kiln burning device is the key.

The burning device can determine the length and the heat efficiency of the flame and the effective utilization of the fuel. Design different burner and burning mouth according to different fuels and different kiln inner diameter has a great effect on energy conservancy.

5. Waste-heat utilization.

Waste-heat utilization is an effective means to save energy for lime rotary kiln. The rest heat can be fully made use of, and the gas kiln heat exchanger is making use of the waste heat to het the air, thus improving the thermal efficiency of gas calcinations.

6. Ash discharging is the key to saving energy.

The kiln bottom should be tightly sealed without ash leakage, and the ash discharging temperature should be processed to adjust the heat zone inside the rotary kiln to bring down the temperature of the cooling zone. The temperature of the discharged ash should be controlled under 100℃, otherwise it is a waste of energy.

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