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The Deviation of Belt Conveyor and Its Treatment

Belt conveyor's deviation is one of the most common faults during working. There are many reasons to account for this problem, among which the main reasons are low installation accuracy and bad everyday maintenance. During installation, the front and stern barrel should be in line with the middle roller. In addition, the belt should be connected correctly with an equal length on both sides.

During functioning, if there is a running deviation, we should make the following checks to find the reasons and then regulate it. The common locations and treatment methods of deviated belt conveyor are:

1. Check the misalignment degree between the horizontal centerline of the roller and the longitudinal centerline of the belt roller. If the degree excesses 3mm, we should regulate it through the oblong mounting hole on both sides of the roller. The concrete method is to move forward the roller in the belt's direction or move backward the roller on the other side.

2. Check the deviation value between the two platforms where bearing block is installed in the head and tail frame. If the deviation value excesses 1mm, the two platforms should be regulated into one plat. The regulation method for the head drum is: if the deviated belt runs toward the right direction, the bearing seat on the right should be moved forward or the left bearing seat moves backward. Vice verse. The regulation of head drum is completely opposite to the tail drum.

3. Check the materials' position on the belt. The materials are not in the middle of the belt, which could lead to the deviation of belt. For example, if the materials slant to the right, the belt would slant to the left, and vice verse. So we should try our best to keep the materials in the middle. We also could install a striker plate to reduce the deviation and change the direction and position of the materials.

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